SUMMARY: chroot'ed ftp server

From: Nils K. Schoyen (
Date: Mon Jun 21 1999 - 01:01:22 CDT

Hello again!

Original posting:

> How do you set up an ftp login to be chroot'ed on a Solaris 7 box?


Replace Suns ftpd with one of the following:

o WU-FTPD ==>
o ProFTPD ==>
o NC-FTPD ==>

Most suggested WU-FTPD or Pro-FTPD. We'll probably go for PRO-ftpd.

Scott Adkins <> summarizes:

> In my opinion, ProFTPD is much much better and probably more secure than the
> WU-FTPD daemon. It uses Apache like configuration files, was surprisingly
> easy to set up and offers the exact features you were asking for. In fact,
> you could set it up so that users ftp into their "www" or "public_home"
> directory of their account (where their web files go) and it would be a
> chroot jail so they couldn't go outside of that tree. You don't need to
> worry about having seperate bin/etc/lib/dev directories for each chroot
> jail, since ProFTPD handles it all for you.

> Anyways, these are probably going to be the most popular suggestions for you.
> They are freeware and very good alternatives to Sun's FTP daemon. Also, if
> you ftp to a bunch of sites out on the net, you will find that the majority
> of them will be one of the two above, with WU-FTPD probably being the most
> popular. A third one might pop up from time to time, and that would be the
> NcFTPd server (, however, that is a commercial ftp server, so
> why bother with that one if you got great free alternatives?

Thanks to Scott Adkins and all others that responed!


Nils K. Sch°yen

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