Summary: gross error in esp status

From: John Weekley (
Date: Sun Jun 20 1999 - 13:07:13 CDT

John Weekley wrote:
> I just started seeing this error on the console:
> Jun 18 18:41:45 bluto unix: WARNING:
> Jun 18 18:41:45 bluto gross error in esp status
> Jun 18 18:41:45 bluto unix: WARNING:
> (sd14):
> Jun 18 18:41:45 bluto SCSI transport failed:
reason 'tran_err':
> retrying command
> I've never seen "gross error" Any ideas?
> Thanks,
> John Weekley
Hi first of all after thinking about it, I should
have stated that my machine was an SS5/70 running Solaris 2.7.

Thanks go to
Alan Orndorff
David Anthony
Sean ( You know who you are!)

Bugs in the esp driver were mentioned by Alan Orndorff
which caused this in eariler releases of Solaris specifically: 2.3 FCS
which was addressed by bugid 1174191.

David Anthony suggested looking at termination
(spcifically autotermiantion, which wasn't in use.) I never use it.

Sean, I think hit it on the head, as the disk in
question was under heavy I/O at the time.
The disk is at the end of a long scsi chain, approx. 6 feet and is
shared with another disk, so it is probably on the
ragged edge of the SCSI specs:

Sean>The esp driver is doing error checking and causing this message to
Sean>reported possibly due to queued I/O caused by long bus latency or
Sean>bad hardware. Underlying this message there could be a hardware
Sean>or more than likely just an overloaded bus.If you
Sean>have many disks/tapes etc. on the bus (daisychained) I would
Sean>an attempt to shorten cable length move some devices to another

I haven't had the opportunity to shorten the cables, but,I suspect that
when I do, things will clear up.

Thanks for the help, it's greatly appreciated.

John Weekley

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