SUMMARY: Memory problem

From: Rui.Bastos (
Date: Sun Jun 20 1999 - 12:58:00 CDT

  As several people pointed, this a normal behaviour. The Solaris uses
the free memory uses as a file system so the "free memory" will always
be "low"
  Some people pointed me the following tools:

RMCbunyip (from the sun site)

  You can also play with vmstat and sar to check scanrate.


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> Subject: Memory problem
> Hi there,
> I have a E10000 domain with Solaris 2.6, Volume Manager
> 2.6, Veritas
> File System 3.2.5 and Quick I/O. This machine has 5Gb of RAM
> and 8 CPUs
> at 333Mhz . At the moment it is beeing used just for data migration.
> It's use is mostly sort, wc, grep, etc on some huge (several
> hundreds of
> MB) files.
> When the machine boots up Glance Plus from HP shows that
> most of the
> memory is free. After some "wc -l" on some big files the free memory
> goes down and even after finishing the "wc" all the memory still shows
> up as "used". After a couple of minutes of work and without
> any work on
> the machine the free memory is only around 10-100Mb. If I keep working
> on free memory goes up and down but the swap space is never used.
> Is it a normal beahviour or am I missing something?
> Regards,

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