SUMMARY:[OFFTOPIC] Unix SysAdmin History

From: J. Manuel Lopez V. (
Date: Fri Jun 18 1999 - 23:11:58 CDT


I want to thanks to all those that respond to my question.

But i don't found what I looked for.
I don't know if exists a document that explains since when exists the system admininstrators, why the sysadmin title, or something like this.
I'm looking for history of sistem administration with a bit of unix info, don't
history of unix with a bit of system administration info.

I want to put the beginnings of system administration in the introduction of my work.
 Some people say that look in this books:

"Life with Unix" by Libes & Ressler
Unix OS books
K & R's "The C Programming Language"
"The Magic Garden Explained"

 Some ones give me links to sites like:

and this newsgroups:
 alt.sysadmin.recovery and

Thanks, anyway.

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