Summary: Tape Solutions

From: Michael Will (
Date: Fri Jun 18 1999 - 07:09:35 CDT


>We have a Sparc 1000 with two fiber storage arrays which will mostly
>be used for an Oracle database. Looking at a DLT solution with
>Solstice Backup. Any one recommend a good tape drive DLT or other?


DLT 7000's where recommended and preferred.
Sun L280 (DLT 7000) tape jukebox work well (Several replies mentioned
DLT 7000).
Quantum DLT Drives where mentioned
Sun StoreEdge DLT's where recommend - may be pricey.
Drives from Cybernetics where recommended, however after hours
support was lacking - time frame 8 months ago.
DLT Jukeboxes where also recommended for large data needs.

Overall everyone seem to like DLT and recommended the DLT 7000 or 4000.

Questions Raised:
1. DLT's 7000 may not work well with Solstice Backup, however others
stated that they have had no problem...
2. Another question was raised about usefulness of AIT tapes.

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