SUMMARY: Problems swapping Graphics Console and keyboard with VT5 10

From: Feuereisen, Gunther (x8825) (
Date: Fri Jun 18 1999 - 01:20:13 CDT

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The problem actually turned out to be an unusally faulty cable; it
seems to be a faulty pin, which allowed me to see output, but not send.

I got a new cable, and everything is fine.

My Original Post:

We have a SPARC5 with Sun0S 4.1.4.

The system has recently been relocated, and it's Graphics console and
are MIA. I'm trying to get the system runing off a dumb terminal (VT510).

The problem I have is when I plug the terminal in serial A, I get the self
and banner, but that's it. I don't get a login prompt, or see the OS boot.
tried a couple power cycles, with no effect (and I'm trying not to
stuff up the filesystems).

I can't do a Stop-A obviously, I've tried BREAK, CTRL-C with no success. It
is as
if it is looking for a graphics console, which isn't there. All the manuals
say to set
the input and output to ttya, however I can't get to the ok? prompt as the
system is auto-booting.

How can I get the system to recognise the new console?

Thanks in advance,
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