SUMMARY:Freeware Sed tool for DOS

Date: Thu Jun 17 1999 - 17:17:14 CDT

To All Helpers:

Thanks to all the following replies. I got a lot of leads. Although I
have not got the chance to try them out.

Try, I think there's a freeware utility that
gives you UNIX utilities that run under Windows 95/98/NT (including in
the DOS prompt).

If you can't find anything, email me and I'll put up the distribution
on our anonymous ftp site for you. I've lost track of where I got it.

Dave Foster

 Way off topic. Try

This utility, strep, might be useful for your needs, here's the short
documentation file for it. I have used it successfully to edit large
numbers of ascii files, like html, for search/replace, and it works like
a charm. Good luck, -Don

Donald R. Kobayashi


Charlie Mengler

Try several following sites

Shawn Kondel

I think you can find something about this in the sed FAQ at

-James Neal

A place to start looking is

Bevan Broun

try this location:

Stefen Voss

Is this any good? (courtesy of

(See attached file:

Matthew Atkinson

"GNU sed has been ported to DOS. There are files on the main GNU
distribution site ( with pointers to DOS
versions of these programs.
egrep, sed & awk are available for MS-DOS based machines as part
of the MKS Toolkit ("

Have fun!

Kevin P. Inscoe,

Look at this url

this is the win-32 port of GNU by Cygnus

A. Lorandi

Original Question:

Hello to All Helpers:

I am looking for a freeware version of sed program to run under DOS so I
can use search/replace feature to manipulate autoexec.bat file under DOS
with script. Could any one point me to the right direction for this?

Thanks in advance,

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