SUMMARY: floppy and fiber card gone

From: Jeff Kennedy (
Date: Tue Jun 15 1999 - 11:51:43 CDT

Well, the fibre solution is below, as is the original question. The floppy
is still a mystery though.

>From OBP I can 'test-floppy' and it finds it. I can eject the floppy,
'test-floppy', it fails, put the floppy back in, and it passes. I can do
this all day long, even though I didn't..........

I boot to OS and it doesn't work, zip, nada, zilch. I even waited a few
hours like last time and still got squat. Next day, same thing. Fine.
I'll boot it with a floppy inserted and see what happens. Test it at the
OBP again just to be sure, no problem. Boot with floppy inserted, get to
OS. 'volcheck -v' "media found". Go figure.

I haven't run any further tests yet (I was just happy to get the agent
installed) but I plan to. I know the first thought is "Dude, your floppy's
going bad. Just accept it and get another." I would if it didn't work
EVERY TIME from the OBP. It just kills me when this type of thing happens.

Further bulletins as events warrant. Or as people actually give a hoot.

Thanks again to Casper Dik and Robert Hill, as well as Matt Palmieri.

Jeff Kennedy
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 Subject: UPDATE: floppy and fiber card gone

Thanks to Casper Dik and Robert Hill for pointing me to the cd for the
fiber driver. I do not have alot of experience with fiber (obviously).
But my floppy problem seems to come and go.

After the initial install I couldn't get anything from the floppy drive. I
went back to it after an hour or so and volcheck found media at that point.
I even installed the agent from floppy without incident. But, for other
reasons I installed again; should have left well enough alone I guess
because it's not working again. From OBP i can do 'test floppy' and it
passes. Once in the OS volcheck -v reports no media found, even though the
floppy is in there.

Any other ideas? I can't restore this machine without loading this agent
and I only have it on floppy.


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 Subject: floppy and fiber card gone

Anybody seen this before?!

I am testing ArcServe agent for SUN and, after several successfull ArcServe
backups and a dump to tape, did 'rm -r *' from / (I've always wanted to do
that ;-] ). I then did a fresh install of 2.6 from a 5/98 cd. After it
finished I couldn't use the floppy or the fiber card.

Volcheck -v reported 'no media found' (there was a floppy in it) and I
couldn't plumb nf0 (fiber card). I did a 'boot -r' from OBP and 'reboot --
-r' from OS. Also tried drvconfig-disks-devlinks and got bupkis.

I'm going to install again in case I got an NT'ism but wondered if my
hardware just bought the farm at the same time or if it's something else


Jeff Kennedy

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