Summary: DNS Oddity

From: eddie bryant (
Date: Mon Jun 14 1999 - 08:15:26 CDT

Thank you to the following:
Alvoro Coronel
Mike Ghicas
Jochen Bern
Frank Smith
Dale Hsu
Dan Anderson
Michael Cunningham
Rik Schneider

Basically they all told me to wary of netscape/solaris caching taking
effect here. While an nslookup will re-query and come up with a new
answer, a reload on a browser will just use the same answer it has in

Thanks everybody.

Original Question:

This is more of a DNS question than a Solaris question, but perhaps
someone out here can help.

I am using round robin dns to bounce between 3 webservers.

I have set up a virtual www which then bounces between three actual
servers. We can call them A, B and C.

And this works, when I do a nslookup I rotate between all three IP's
(as I should).

Now, my question is when one of the three is down, for example C, and
go to the url www - I get a not found error. I don't understand why.
If I go to I get the page back, and if I go to I
get the page back. And, if I go to (as expected) I get the
not found error.

So, when I put in www, how come I always get the not found error? Why
don't I get a page back 2/3 of the time - as I expected as the www
bounces between the three A,B, and C?

Thank you.

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