SUMMARY: Sun recommanded patch breaks Greek support

From: Haniotakis Vangelis (
Date: Mon Jun 14 1999 - 02:59:12 CDT

Recap: After installing thge latest Sun recommended patch
to a Solaris 2.5.1 machine, X fonts started behaving strangely,
with the most apparent problem being a lack of spaces between
words, when using Greek language support.

 Unfortunately, we have very little to say on this subject, as
we have not managed to correct the problem. The following libraries
were rolled back to pre-patch status, but that did not correct
the problem:

 A single contribution was made by Casper Dik (Solaris 2 FAQ
maintainer - thank you, Casper :), suggesting that it is an
updated Euro font problem. We have not tried updating our fonts,
and we prtobably won't be doing so in the immediate future as
It Has Been Decided that we'll be upgrading to Solaris 7 anyway.

 Further contributions are welcome - thank you all for your time.

Vangelis Haniotakis
University of Crete - UCnet
Centre of Communications and Networking
System and Network Administration 

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