SUMMARY: Ultrastar 18ZX DRVS 18V disk

From: Franz Heinrich (
Date: Mon Jun 14 1999 - 01:58:03 CDT


 i have learnt a lot about SCSI last two weeks. Most important is the difference
between LVD and HVD. Now we are looking for an converter from HVD to LVD or an
SBus Ultra2 LVD controller, but it seems, that there is no controller. On the
other side we found converter cards......
Franz Heinrich

Many thanks to

"William F. Wyatt" <>

LVD is Low Voltage Differential, and is compatible with wide
single-ended SCSI controllers. 'Differential' controllers are an
older type, now known as 'high-voltage' differential, and are
not compatible with LVD drives.

"Choi, Eugene" <>

You didn't say what kind of Sun machine. In any case, if the drive has
a SCA connector (80 pin press in socket) and Sun mounting brackets, you
should be able to slide it in, with no jumpers in place. Then your
vendor should have installed a disk label, else you'll have to figure
out a drive label yourself when you format it. I'd also check for
system patches (depending on the device, the patch may have some new
definitions to accomodate the new 18 GB drive). If you got a drivew
with 68 pins, you messed up. Purchase an external case, and attach it
that way. (Sun external SCSI ports are single ended.)

Good luck.

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