Summary :ftp & su question.

From: Inas A Taha (
Date: Thu Jun 10 1999 - 13:59:48 CDT

I thank all those who have been so helpful as to answer and try to help
me on this and my Backspace / Delete question.

I apologize for my unclear questions.

The 2 systems I have both run Solaris 2.6 For both systems the shell
for root is csh. Neither systems have either a "etc/shells" or a
"etc/ftpusers". Or do they exist anywhere else on the system. Also the
/etc/default/su are the same.

I don't want to know how to change the user's or root's password, I'm
puzzled at the difference.

On system A:

When su -u
the uid = root and the gid = other.

However when I type passwd it responds

Changing passwd <username> " The one I su ed from.

If I ftp into this system, I may as root.

On System B:

When su -u
the uid=root and the gid=other

However when I type passwd it responds

Changing password for root

If I ftp into this system, it comes back with incorrect login. (though
the password is correct).

I also apologize for those whom I wasted their time and think that I
should quote:

"Please check the FAQ and the archives for this list before posting.
of your questions are pretty basic, and not really appropriate for a
meant for *urgent* system administration issues."


 I know my questions are basics, but I thought that was were people
started to reach the stage were you capable of solving *urgent*
matters. I would suggest that they thread their mai to filter my
messages to somewhere that does not clutter their mailboxes and waste
their *urgent* time with my basic questions.

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