SUMMARY:Get older version of patch

From: lsf (
Date: Thu Jun 10 1999 - 11:22:49 CDT

Dear All,

I got 2 replie patch over 103959-09.tar.Z. My problem has been cured. I'm waiting the new patch for 103959 but I will probably applying it separately with cure.
Moreover, I also learned the value of SunSolve CDs since I only downloaded patch from Web now.

Special Thanks to :
Ronald Loftin <>
Petri Kallberg - Sun Finland - <kallu@helsinki.Finland.Sun.COM>

My original Post is :
Recently, I have installed the latest recommended patch on my 2.5.1 server. Afte
rwards, I have found that the lpsched crashed when printing some PS files which
can be printed without problem before. After some testing, I concluded it is the
 lp patch 103959-09 which caused the problem. However, as the recommended patch
for 2.5.1 is large and I trust SUN that it should be very stable so I have enabl
ed the nosave option during patching.

My question is where I can get back the ealier lp patch 103959-08. I have search
ed but I can only get the lastest one.

Thanks for your help.

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