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From: Artur Rodrigues (
Date: Wed Jun 09 1999 - 07:15:46 CDT

Ive gotten some good answers, and others that advice me to use Netscape/IE
with POP.

Thanks everebody that spent time to answer me!

My question:
> I have 50.000 users that use POP and SMTP, but some of them want to
>access their emails by WEB. Which tools could I use to do it? Im planning
>to use Solaris 7.

Netscape & IE both do POP3 and IMAP.  You should change nothing on the
server except to add an IMAP daemon.

---- You may want to look into using an IMAP server, as this is more flexible and allows users to more easily access email from multiple locations: (UW Imap server) (Updated for security problems, easy to install!)


---- I would suggest qmail.

---- Use the best:


Anyemail is the name of the product I use that software and its pretty cool. Works with perl as a cgi script.

---- Sun's SIMS mail server software supports pop, imap and web access. It replaces sendmail completely. The performance figures are quite impressive. And a recent report I found on the net showed SIMS to be cheaper than other mail solutions, mostly because companies running SIMS had an average of 5000 users per server while notes, exchange and others only had a small fraction of that per server.

---- Netscape has a product called Message Express that does that, supports IMAP and POP, which is nice. Despite their claim that it only works with NS Enterpise server I managed to get it working under Apache quite easily, it's written in perl after all.

---- i can recommend CommuniGate Pro from stalker: ....i really like it.

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