SUMMARY: another mysterious printer problem

From: Bernt Christandl (
Date: Tue Jun 08 1999 - 06:52:19 CDT

Hello managers,

my original question is at the end.

The *real* problem behind was this:
Unix will send only <LF> at the end of a line and DOS (or Windows)
"needs" a <CR><LF> to start a newline from the (left) beginning of a line.,if
you want to print something.

To achieve this at a HP4000 you can use the menus and options from the
printer itself. A HP LJ5M does not have this possibility.
For a HP LJ5M you will have to send an Esc-Sequence (<ESC>&k2G) (without
the brackets!) prior to each printjob to the printer.
(For other printers there may be other solutions, which i don't know...)

Use this magic and see the miracle happen: it works!

With regards,

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My question was: >we have a HP LJ5M printer spooled via NT (including "passthrough" and >correct(?) driver) and queues to that printer on Solaris 2.3 > >Now if i print an ascii-text with lines shorter (or equal?) 80 characters >verything works fine. > >But we need to print lines up to 132 characters and what happens is, that >all characters before the first 81. character are printed correctly and >after that only white paper appears. But the number of pages being printed >is correct. So my example gives one line with text (less than 80 chars) >and 5 blank, white pages... > >On another 5M, which is set up identically except that it is spooled via >another Solaris-host this same printjob comes out correctly. > >I'm out of ideas by now, where to look for the problem-solution. >Any ideas?

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