SUMMARY: Two video cards under ULTRA 5 / Solaris 7

From: Conner McCleod (
Date: Fri Jun 04 1999 - 15:34:47 CDT

SUMMARY: Two video cards under ULTRA 5 / Solaris 7

Thanks to:
Roger Fujii <>
David Kleiner <>
"Hall, Johnny" <>

It works... now we have two PCI cards working on our ULTRA-5 machine.
Thanks guys...

Roger Fujii <>
First, do a "touch /reconfigure" and reboot. This should create the
device nodes.

After the reboot, check /dev/fbs. You should see 2 entries. If you do,
then /dev/fb0 points to the primary display, and /dev/fb1 points to the
secondary. If not, see if there is an updated openprom for the ultra5.

If you do see 2 devicees, configure the secondary screen by using
m64config (so you should type a command like: m64config -dev /dev/fb1
-res 1280). Don't use a resolution that can't be handled by your

If you are using CDE, copy /usr/dt/config/Xservers to
/etc/dt/config/Xservers and change it by adding a line like:

:0 Local local_uid@console root /usr/openwin/bin/Xsun -dev
/dev/fb0:/dev/fb1 -nobanner

If you are using openwin, see the openwin man page on starting up
multiple monitors.

and you should have 2....

David Kleiner <>

Try this in your /etc/dt/config/Xservers:

:0 Local local_uid@console root /usr/openwin/bin/Xsun :0 -dev
/dev/fb0 defdepth 24 defclass TrueColor -dev /dev/fb1 left defdepth 24
defclass TrueColor -nobanner

i.e. two X servers running on two frame buffers, true color etc.

Hope this helps,

David Kleiner

"Hall, Johnny" <>
Copy this file..



/etc/dt/config/Xservers (/etc/dt may not exist, in that case you will
have to create it.)

add lines at the end similar to this

:0 Local local_uid@console root /usr/openwin/bin/Xsun :0 -dev
/dev/fbs/gfxp 0 -dev /dev/fbs/m640

Except specify your /dev/fbs/whatever


> 128 RAM
> I just purchased an ULTRA 5, It has a built-in >video(frame)buffer.
> It comes with a 3D RAGE II+DVD (215GT2VB23) BAV61 >(974955). I have
> additional additional (PCI) buffer, it is a 3D RAGE >II+DVD
> BBW72 (9752SS). What is the configuration for using >the two buffers

> with two SUN monitors on the one machine. Is this doubable and what
> are the steps required?!
> Conner McCleod
> ps. I checked the archives at: >
> and did not find anything useful.

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