SUMMARY: Sniffer Detectors for nf network device

From: Dave Martini (
Date: Wed Jun 02 1999 - 12:02:12 CDT

Hi, I had 2 responses about the Network General prodouct.

Most sniffers handle the FDDI protocol. We use Network General and
it works well, HP also supports it. All of the sniffer devices connect
with fiber media. If you you have the copper (UTP) version of interface
card (i.e. CDDI) and your switch does not offer any fiber ports, then you
will need to purchase a 'UTP to fiber' converter module to attach the
sniffer (these are available, I believe, from Black Box).

Peter Polasek

I think Network General has an option for their network protocol analyzer
(the original "sniffer") for FDDI.


Dave Martini

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