SUMMARY: Correction to Correct way to change IP address

From: Rachel Polanskis (
Date: Tue Jun 01 1999 - 19:17:08 CDT

The next person to suggest they just edit the files in
/etc/inet and wherever will get a prize kick in the bum for supplying
misleading and potentially damaging information.

There is a prescribed method for reconfiguring a Sun for using a new
IP or hostname.

It's called "/usr/sbin/sys-unconfig".

Read the man page before using it and make sure you understand everything it
does. You *must* be at the console to usethis command as it will
halt the system.

I note we keep seeing this common question (FAQ?!) about changing the
IP/hostname and every time the wrong method is given.

The correct method, once again is "/usr/sbin/sys-unconfig".


What I say three times is True!


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