SUMMARY: maximum username length

From: Chantelle Keller (
Date: Fri May 28 1999 - 07:53:52 CDT

Thanks to the many people who responded to my question about whether it
is possible to have usernames that exceed 8 characters under Solaris
2.6. (I was trying to make usernames consistent with our VMS systems
that allow 12 characters.)

The responses varied a lot. A couple people reported that they've done
it without any major problems. A lot of people thought that you could
do it, but that the OS would only pay attention to the first 8
characters (although based on my testing that didn't seem to be the
case). Most people said that even if Solaris would allow it, it
probably wasn't a good idea since there are a lot of Unix programs out
there that assume the 8 character limit.

I've decided to stick with 8 characters -- I'm not into tempting fate
these days.

Thanks again...

Chantelle Keller
Systems Programmer, Ithaca College

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