SUMMARY: HELP - Sun Ultra 1 turns off without warning

From: Dave (
Date: Thu May 27 1999 - 13:45:01 CDT

  There were two problems -
  The original shutdown and the corrupt file system was caused by the
failed tape drive locking up the SCSI bus. This caused a reboot and because
the disk corruption was so bad, it stayed in the maintenance mode.

  The 2nd and third reboots were due to overheating - The /var/adm/messages
had 2 entries that said:
May 25 12:27:23 enterprise unix: WARNING: THERMAL WARNING DETECTED!!!
May 25 12:27:23 enterprise syslog: going down on signal 15

  The overheating was caused by the placement of the extra HD enclosures
while I was troubleshooting the tape drive failure. I put the HD enclosures
on both sides of the Ultra 1, blocking all the vent openings. I moved the
enclosures and checked the fans internal to the Ultra, and put the lid back
on. So far so good, but I will keep an eye on it.

   Sun ULTRA 1 w/ Sol 2.5.1. System has been super stable for 1+ years.
   On Saturday, it just turned off.
   I powercyled it on Monday morning, and except for some disk corruption,
and a warning message about a SCSI error to one of the tape drives, it was
OK - for about three hours. Then it turned off again. Not rebooted - Turned
   I turned it back on, and it ran for around 14 hours, then turned off
again. That was Tuesday morning. I turned it back on, and it ran until
Thursday morning.
   There are no crash logs (that I can find).
   The power is OFF - Not a reboot.
   Is it possible to turn off an Ultra 1 from the OS? The newer PC's (ATX
style power supply) have that ability, and the Ultra has the remote power
switch on the back.
   Is there something I can look for that may shed some light as to why this
 machine is turning itself off?
   This machine is used as a Solstice Backup (Legato) Networker backup server.
   It has the CDROM and 2 HDs attached to the internal SCSI bus, and 2
 DLT4000 tape drives and 3 HDs attached to a Sun SCSI-II SBus card. Nothing
about the HW config has been added or removed.
   I suspect that one of the Tape Drives is FUBAR, but I have disconnected
it, monday morning, from the system.

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