Summary: Kernel Configurable Parameters List

From: Craig Danforth (
Date: Wed May 26 1999 - 10:04:15 CDT

I received many responses to my question. It appears that
there is no definitive list of
tunable kernel params anywhere. Here is part of a message
that I received from Sun:
    "There really is no complete list of parameters that can
    tuned. We list some of the common ones, which are also
    documented in the 2.6 Solaris sys admin guide. We don't

    list all the variables because 99% of folks won't need
    tune more than that, and we prefer that you don't go
    them without very specific reasons."

Most suggestions were to get a copy of Sun Performance and
Tuning by
Adrian Cockcroft and Richard Pettit. I just picked up a
copy and it appears
to be a great book.

I was also pointed to the following url that covers TCP/IP
stack tuning.

The sunsolve infodoc 11915 also contains some good

Thanks to all for your help.


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