SUMMARY: Sun's Ultra AXi motherboard, IBM 18ES family disks

From: Nigel Canning (
Date: Wed May 26 1999 - 09:09:59 CDT

Sorry for the SUMMARY: delay.

1.) The file corruption problem was down to a number of Mode select bits.
It seems Solaris 2.6 + DiskSuite 4.2 is very fussy. Here are details
of the bits changed:

Read-Write Error Recovery Parameters
TB Transfer Block bit set
PER Post Error bit set

Disconnect-Reconnect Page
Read Buffer Full ratio 0x80
Write Buffer Empty ratio 0x80

Caching Page
WCE Write Cache Enable bit clear

To determine which bits to change I had a look at an IBM SCSI
disk in a Sun Ultra 60 system that we have (also some Seagate
drives in a Sun MultiPack unit).

I used John DiMarco's well known Sun SCSI tools scsiping and scsimodepage. See

We have built and tested four systems now with no errors reported
after a 7 day soak test.

2.) No answer just using the forced loading of the module.

3.) Changed the kb_ps2.conf driver to force UK keyboard mapping.

Thanks to the people that replied (Al Hopper and Roger Fujii).


Nigel Canning
WhiteCross Systems

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