SUMMARY: Ultra 60 screen resolution: m64config woes

From: Stefan Voss (
Date: Tue May 25 1999 - 06:11:28 CDT

Hello list,


A very long time ago (Nov/Dec last year, to be exact), I had a problem with the
screen resolution of an Ultra 60. Nobody could help me, so I decided to put the
problem on the stack of unsolved problems, waiting for a solution to come
somewhen later. Now I got the right patch, and it works (and i found out a bit
more about the m64config command).

I'm sorry for the extremely long delay, but I got the patch not earlier than
last friday. However, I would like to share my experiences as usual.



1. I installed patch 103792-19 (earlier versions did not do the trick), and now
i can try the requested resolution for 10 seconds (although the display is
completely garbled at this time, only the mouse cursor looks fine) without the
monitor ignoring my request or going into standby mode. This looked promising to

2. In the m64config command, i had to use "-file system" to make the changes
permanent. The default (i.e. "-file machine") is still happily ignored on
openwin startup. The remaining questions are: why are there 2 config files, how
can I select one of them on openwin startup, why is one of them ignored and so
on. And what does SUN mean with machine-specific vs. system-global - as long as
/usr/openwin is not NFS shared, no other machine in the world cares for it's
contents. But this is a completely different story.

BTW: in my original question I forgot to mention, that the machines run Solaris
2.5.1 HW 11/97 - an information, that might be of interest.

So I finally got a solution for my problem after nearly 9 MONTHS (we got the
machines in the middle of october last year).



Hi there,

I have a dual headed Ultra 60 with ATI graphics cards (2 MB). The current screen
resolution is 1024x768, but i want it to be 1152x900. Therefore i used

   m64config -dev /dev/fb0 -res 1152
   m64config -dev /dev/fb1 -res 1152

The command complains:

   Warning: no edid data available from this monitor
   m64config: Cannot verify that 1152x900x76 is a supported video resolution for
this monitor
   m64config: Use 1152x900x76 anyway (yes/no) ?

If i type "yes" (as my harware vendor suggests), then 2 things can happen:

   1. nothing changes, or
   2. the monitor turns black and goes into standby mode, only a reboot can
      bring it back.

Our hardware vendor says, that the new resolution will be applied if the window
system is started for the next time, but this may work at him (and they use the
same monitors as we do), but not here. I tried it as root and as a normal user,
in the console and in an xterm, all to no avail.

Of course, the machine is an important production machine and normally cannot be
rebooted, it is used 25 hours a day and 8 days a week ;-)

Can anyone help ?

                                     (o o)

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