SUMMARY: multiple window manager

From: Arcasedda, Francois (London) (arcasfra@MLE.CO.UK)
Date: Thu May 20 1999 - 11:49:35 CDT


Yes it is possible to run more than one window manager on the same Unix box.
In our case, we are running both CDE and FVWM.
People are using their PC/NT running Exceed to run the Unix window manager
from the Unix box.

To run FVWM instead on CDE, a user has to
1- create a .xinitrc file in his home directory, that contains "exec
/usr/local/bin/fvwm2" as the last command.
2- Choose "openwindow startup" from the CDE login prompt. Login will
start fvwm.

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Original question:


I've seen a similar question without any answer in the archive....

Is it possible and how to run 2 or more different window manager on the same
box ??

I've got a solaris workstation currently running CDE. One user is local
(graphical screen) the others access it using a X server on their PC.They're
running CDE as well. Now some users want to use fvwm instead. But when
trying to start it, it complains that another window manager is already

Francois Arca-Sedda

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