SUMMARY: /usr/bin/mailx hangs on solaris nfs clients

From: Aki Sasaki (
Date: Wed May 19 1999 - 13:38:26 CDT

Hi all,

I received two responses.

Bertrand Hutin suggested I look at the .mailrc's. I moved ~user/.mailrc
elsewhere and even tried disabling the rc scripts in /etc/mail. No go.

Mark Cain suggested it had something to do with the softlink. I
remounted the mail directory on /var/mail, and that didn't help.

Eventually I moved /var/mail/user to /var/mail/user.old and tried
sending new mail... that fixed it. It's not a corrupt mail file, since
it can be read on another machine. All I can guess is that the old
one said "received by <nfsserver>.barra.COM" and the new one said
"received by localhost" and that confused the nfs client...?

Thanks for your help,

Original message:

>Hi all,
>I've got a strange problem on my hands, and haven't found an answer
>at or the archives:
>I have two nfs servers, one running SunOS 4.1.4 and the other running
>Solaris 2.6. My nfs client is running Solaris 2.7.
>On the client, /var/mail is softlinked to /var/spool/mail, which is
>mounted off of the SunOS fileserver.
>One user is able to run /usr/bin/mailx on the 2.7 client machine just
>fine. His home directory is on the SunOS fileserver.
>/usr/bin/mailx hangs for the other user, whose homedir is on the Solaris
>2.6 fileserver. But pine works for the same user on the client, and
>mailx works on the 2.6 fileserver (where the homedir is local).
>Then I tried it from three other machines: a second 2.7 nfs client and a
>2.6 nfs client. Same thing. /usr/bin/mailx hangs. On a SunOS client,
>/usr/ucb/mail works just fine.
>At this point I'm wondering if NFS v2 and v3 are conflicting here,
>or if I have a strange homedir permissions problem over nfs... other
>than that I have no idea.
>Has anyone seen this before?

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