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The response was great! What I wound up doing was using
wget to test the ability to connect to the page. This doesn't really
do the https stuff that would be great, but it works well enough to
let me know whether or not the page is up. I wrote a litte shell
script using this and set up a cron job to run it

I got wget from the Freeware people

There were lots of other monitoring tools mentioned, here are a few

Perl - Use the LWP libraries and run a script

Big Brother -


Intermapper -

DJB's "supervise"



Original Post

> What do you sun managers use to test whether or not web
> pages are up and active? SSL Web servers? I need to automate
> the constant checking of web pages for production sites, and I
> don't know of any tool that I could use to automate this, as opposed
> to trying to bring up the web page.

Thanks to all that sent messages..

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