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From: Ernest Cespedes (
Date: Tue May 18 1999 - 19:55:48 CDT

Hello again!

Thanks to those who responded to my query - I really appreciate your
willingness to
help a fellow Sun sys-admin, and BTW, this is a great thread! Because
my budget
for a backup software is limited, the overwhelming response was to go with
which is a a public domain software and comes with the source and can be
ported to
most Unix platforms. Amanda is a no-frills, no-thrills tool and offers no
wancy GUI interface with lots of buttons to push, but does do the job
and does
it well - at the command line. Amanda can be obtained from
There's such thing as a "free lunch" after all... :)

Others recommended Legato Network (too expensive for my need, though may
it when company goes public :).

Andre Coleman suggested a reasonably priced backup software from,
which offers a GUI-based front end and seem to fit my needs. I left a
message to the sales
department for pricing and tech info. Great candidate for my needs.

Johnny Hall suggested a product called BRU 2000 (Y2K Compliant) from
Haven't had to opportunity to check the product, but will take a look.

Todd Herr suggested using UFSDUMP which is native to Solaris.

Henry Pan suggested Varitas backup solution, but again, this is a big
killer in the pocket.
For those that have the $$ budget, this is worth looking at.

Again thanks for your replies!


Ernest Cespedes wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> I'm looking for a reliable backup software to backup seven (7)
> UltraSparcs with
> a total of ~15GB of weekly backup data. I will be purchasing a Quantum
> DLT 4000 that has a capacity of 40GB compressed. I have used
> QuickRestore
> by Workstation Solutions from previous companies and really like the
> GUI interface
> and the simplicity of using the product, but the current price of
> $7,200 is totally
> out of my range.
> If you know of any reliable backup software solution built for a small
> to medium size
> company that is reasonably priced (<$3,000), please let me know. I'm
> not even
> going to bother looking at Networker by Legato as one has to mortgage
> their
> house to buy their software. I've written several scripts to dump the
> disks
> onto tapes, but I'm looking for a more advanced solution
> Thanks in advanced for your help.
> -Ernest
> Senior System Administrator
> Intime Software, Inc,
> 2903 Bunker Hill Lane
> Santa Clara, CA 95054

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