SUMMARY: Metaframe on Ultra 10 Part I

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Date: Mon May 17 1999 - 15:19:15 CDT

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We recently installed a Metaframe server to give Sun workstation users
access to the Windows applications. It is working great except for two
machines: both Ultra 10s running Solaris 2.6. Below is the error that
occurs when I try to start a Windows session via Metaframe.

X Error of failed request: BadValue (integer parameter out of range for
Major opcode of failed request: 91 (X_QueryColors)
Value in failed request: 0xff
Serial number of failed request: 100
Current serial number in output stream: 100

The application (Metaframe) works fine on a third Ultra 10 with the same
hardware / software configuration.

Any suggestions?


>The older winframe clients required that there be an 8-bit visual available.
>The version 3.0 winframe client fixed this problem.

>Some Ultra 10's might be configured (with m64config) to be in 24-bit mode.
>That, coupled with the older clients, will fail to work.

>Davin Milun E-mail: milun@cse.Buffalo.EDU

I verified that we are using the latest Solaris client (version 3.0). I
even redownloaded and installed it just to be sure. Didn't make a difference.

>leo ...

>two things: make sure you have the most current clients, and have a look
>at the /usr/lib/ICAClient/ file. there is a section in there that

>! If you are having problems with CDE on 24-bit graphics
>! cards then uncomment the following 6 defaults. Note that
>! the color names can be any valid color available on your
>! display, but all 6 lines should be uncommented.
>!Wfica*background: DeepSkyBlue
>!Wfica*bottomShadowColor: DarkSlateBlue
>!Wfica*foreground: Black
>!Wfica*topShadowColor: LightSkyBlue1
>!Wfica*highlightColor: Black
>!Wfica*borderColor: Black

>i made this modification to a digital unix system that was having the same
>problem as you and it resolved it.


>-- michael

Tried that, didn't fix it.

>Sounds like you have a resource hog such as Netscape already running that
>is sucking up your colormap.

>Barry S. Gamblin, Senior UNIX Administrator,
>High Altitude Observatory - National Center for Atmospheric Research

I closed all running applications and but still no luck.

>Do you have that M64 patch (105362)?

>It seems like I remember this patch solving a bunch of little problems
>I was having with getting metaframe to run.

Yep, that patch as well as all recommended patches have been applied.


> Can't say what your problem is for sure, but have you
> tried starting MetaFrame with its own colormap?
> I would imagine they might have that option available.

> That might localize some of your problems.

>-Todd Wilkinson

Tried that. Didn't work.

>I seem to recall that the Solaris ICA client will only run with an 8bpp
>display. My experience was that it died in a fairly unhelpful and ungraceful
>way when used on something better.

>Are you sure the third Ultra 10 is using the same amount of colours? Use
>'xwininfo' to determine the colour depth.



>Check with xdpyinfo which visual is default.
>It could be that some users run with a 24-bit visual as default,
>as some software is too stupid to select a 24-bit visual if
>it needs it (e.g. ER-Mapper).

This is where it gets interesting. The machine that Metaframe works fine
on is Saturn. One of the machines that it won't run on is Dopey. Follwing
are the results of fbinfo on both machines just to confirm the graphics


m64B@2 is PGX 1152x900
ffb@1e is FFB2+ Vertical Creator 3D 1280x1024x76 Monitor type 0 (Sun
m RGB color monitor)


m64B@2 is PGX 1152x900
ffb@1e is FFB2+ Vertical Creator 3D 1280x1024x76 Monitor type 0 (Sun
m RGB color monitor)

The next set of data is the difference of xdpyinfo from both machines (diff
dopey saturn).

< focus: window 0x4c00049, revert to PointerRoot
< number of extensions: 20

> focus:  window 0x4800054, revert to PointerRoot
> number of extensions:    21
>     X3D-PEX
<   root window id:    0x36
>   root window id:    0x37
<   default colormap:    0x33
<   default number of colormap cells:    224
>   default colormap:    0x34
>   default number of colormap cells:    256
<   default visual id:  0x2e
>   default visual id:  0x20
<     available colormap entries:    224
>     available colormap entries:    256
<     available colormap entries:    224
>     available colormap entries:    255

As you can see, dopey has a lower number of default colormap cells. Why? How do I correct this situation? Also, I realized as I was writing this message that there is one difference in hardware - the monitor. The two machines having problems are both using older monitors from SS20 machines. The monitor on saturn came new with the machine.

I apologize for the long posting and for my ignorance of the graphics sub-system.

Thanks to the following people for their excellent suggestions:

David Milun Michael Barry Gamblin John Bradley Dale Shaw Todd Wilkinson Birger Wathne

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