Summary: Solaris 2.6 and Sendmail

Date: Mon May 17 1999 - 15:04:38 CDT


Thank you to those who replied. I have been given two suggestions to the
following question:

Can anyone advise me how to configure sendmail, for the sun version (8.8.8), so
the sun machine will only accept mail from the domain "" ?

Charlie Mengler <>

I'm running V8.9.1 sendmail on my Suns. I believe that the "latest" sendmail
patch from Sun;
automagically includes a new file that incorporates the anti-relay
"code". Manually upgrading is not a task for novices. The nice thing
about the "real" sendmail distributions is that it is delivered with easy to use
"m4" macros which controls the options included in the file. FWIW -
there is a "spamtools" email list with a number
of sendmail wizards on the list.

I'd reinstall sendmail with "TCP wrapper support" compiled in (so that you can
add this kind of access rule to /etc/hosts.allow) in a second, but do I
understand correctly that you don't want to do that? Then you want to read:

(I specifically recommend Claus Assmann's pages.)

Haroon Mahmood

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