SUMMARY:Slow telnet connections +new question

Date: Thu May 13 1999 - 17:42:37 CDT

Hello Managers !

(I included the original question in the bottom)
The obvious reason which most of you pointed out to is
DNS reverse lookup failure.

THIS RAISES ONE MORE QUESTION.(Though it is not Sol related i think most of you might have gone thru this.
sorry for putting this question here SUMMARY)

How to make DNS on PC/NT to take care of the DHCP clients ?

How does it resolve their name ?



Hello Managers

Iam having a problem which iam unable to break.
My network has 20 sparcs and 50 pc's.

It has 1 NT server which serves as DNS,DHCP and WINS.
1 NIS server(sparc) which also serves as Mail server.

Every thing works fine.We use samba for file sharing between NT and Unix.
All the Unix boxes are with Solaris2.5.1 and PC's with NT desktop
and some are 98 pc's.

When i try a telnet from any PC to any Unix machine it takes
a lot of time as if it was not in this network. After getting the login
every thing works fine.I can even open CDE GUI thru exceed.
It works pretty fast.

If i retry the telnet immediately after disconnecting it works
pretty fast.The initial delay in getting the prompt is annoying.
Can any of you suggest me what to do regarding this ?

I tried adding the ip in the hosts file, and the behaviour is same
even if i use telnet with Ip address.

Thanks in advance.

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