SUMMARY ssaadm download command help

From: Dave Martini (
Date: Thu May 13 1999 - 11:50:18 CDT

Responses were mostly don't worry about it if things are working
and it says the firmware code is 3.12 then everything should be ok.

And also some said it would not hurt anything to download the firmware
again to the same revision.

Thanks all.

Dave Martini

Hi, I have an SSA110 connected to a sparc20.
When I went to download the firmware to version 3.12 from 3.09 I issued the command

/usr/sbin/ssaadm download -f /usr/lib/firmware/ssa/ssafirmware c3

I noticed about 30 seconds into it my Fibre Channel link light went out and
the SSA went into a reset mode and kept going through
it's power on self test in a loop. I never got a prompt back after I issued the
above command so after about 5 minutes I did a control C and hit the reset button on the
back of the SSA.

When I issue the command to check the firmware revision it does say 3.12 but I'm concerned that
the firmware upgrade didn't complete properly. It's not supposed to loop the POST on the SSA. I'm wondering
if loosing the connection to the SSA when the link light went off caused the power on self test
to start.

My question is will there be any harm in downloading the firmware again to 3.12 and should I do this?
Or should I just assume it got upgraded correctly since it says 3.12??

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