SUMMARY: Booting without the OS on HD

From: David Clement-Horton (
Date: Thu May 13 1999 - 03:32:41 CDT

Well, Chaps, thanks for the replies, however, the Virtual Beer goes to Gary
Franczyk for understanding my inane scribblings. Problem is now solved!

Once again

Thanks Guys!

Here is the summary:

> I have a Sun ultra-5 that keeps rebooting, I'm trying to install Solaris
> > 7,
> > but it doesn't seem to boot from the CD. Is there any way I can access
> > the
> > CD from bootup without having an OS.


> > Are you typing this?:
> > boot cdrom
> >
> > What error message are you getting when you try to boot from CD?


 Hmmm, it doesn't give an error message or rather it's too quick, I think
> that someone has used the rm * command or removed the /boot which is
> stopping it loading the HD. therefore, I am unable to access the command
> all...

> No... Hit STOP-A when the machine comes on....
> That will bring you to the boot PROM.
> It is much like the Bios in a PC...
> From there, you have a prompt where you can type things like
> "boot cdrom" or "boot -s cdrom"
> If you type "boot cdrom" it will boot to cdrom and try a re-install
> if you type "boot -s cdrom" you will boot to cdrom as if it were a system
> disk... then you would be able to try to mount your main system disk to
> see
> what is left and if someone really did screw something up.


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