SUMMARY: Sendmail Aliasing

From: Jesse Whyte (
Date: Tue May 11 1999 - 15:38:21 CDT

I owe favors to several people for helping me here, and the whole list for
tolerating this long thread and my prolonged sendmail incompetance...

In the end, it took two seperate steps to get my solution going. Ray
Delaney and Jochen Bern both recommended the use of the mailertable to get
the correct esmtp mailer for the inbound mail to the Groupwise gateway.

Fred Crowner recommended the virtusertable to do my virtual domain aliasing.
Once it was installed, it worked like a charm for my MX domains. This let
me stay away from the and alias solution, which really cleaned
things up in my configuration. With the solution and the alias
file, I could not get sendmail to go the last mile and actually convert to . Instead all of the
mail was being forwarded to the gateway (via the mailertable), but the
headers were never changed. With the virtusertable, I could nix extensive
use of the alias file.

Also of help along the way with questions and comments were Tim Carlson,
Michael Pavlov, and Jason Marshall. Thanks alot for all of your assistance.

Jesse Whyte
Information Security
State of Tennessee

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