SUMMARY: SS20, sx framebuffer.

From: Grant Schoep (
Date: Mon May 10 1999 - 15:50:26 CDT

Thanks to the following for your suggestions.
Tom Schmidt
Matthew Stier
Jeff Woolsey
Michael J. Connolly

        Well, I feel sorta stupid on this one. Thanks to Matthew Stier for
straightening me out. I decided to be brain dead for the time I was working
with this machine and forget that it had a Prestoserve card in it. I
always thought the prestoserv card was a Sbus device. Well, it wasn't. It
uses the same slot that the VSIMM uses. And actually looks alot like the
VSIMM. Other than the battery, it looks about the same. So, the reason I
couldn't detect the VSIMM was that it wasn't there. There was a prestoserv
card being happily detected each time though.

--Original message---
This isn't that big of a deal, but I really want to get this to work.
        We have a SS20 here that has always just used an add on TGX card.
fbinfo output.
cgsix@2 is TGX
        I know SS20's have the SX framebuffer, and this machine has an 8 meg
Vsimm installed. The user of the machine really wants to get two heads
working on it. But for some strange reason, the machine just won't use the
SX framebuffer. memconf doesn't detect the extra Vsimm either, and I know
it is in there. I have tried boot -r's and moved the Vsimm to the other
slot as well, just to check that. I also just did a clean reinstall of 2.6
5/98 to upgrade the older version of the OS(and was hoping it would use the
SX). I just put the latest rec. patches too.
        Is there some way someone disabled the SX framebuffer in the eeprom? How
would that be done? On that note, does anyone know of a good reference
place that I could look up to learn more about the eeprom commands? I have
an old command chart for it, but its outdated since its for the older
command mode interface.
        Just to confirm, to my knowledge, no one has ever tried using the SX
framebuffer on this machine before.

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