SUMMARY: Ultra-1 model 140 w/ many input errors (Ierrs)

From: Jeff Miller (
Date: Fri May 07 1999 - 11:58:32 CDT


I believe the Ultra-1 in question is acting exactly as designed. The
"trouble" is really from the network switch using full duplex. This
particular Ultra-1 model can't negotiate to full duplex.

Thanks for the good reading material:
>Read up on how to set the sun hme-interface to use a fixed setting:

Recall I wanted to change the behaviour of the network interface card.
I wanted to change the parameter associated with full/half duplex on an
Ultra-1 model 140. The 10 Mbps ethernet interface on this Ultra-1 is le0.

I also found
which said:

>The only interfaces with no full-duplex support (that we know of are):
> le (Lance 10mbps .. various chip implementations)

The Cisco 2908 switch in the network closet is set to full duplex.
I believe this is what is causing the Ierrs. The quote above "various
chip implementations" is a bit dubious, but would explain why some of
the Ultra-1 hosts on the same switch do not have the Ierrs.

- Jeff


My original post: (Apr 12 11:11:23 1999)

Sun Mgrs:

I have the following:

Ultra-1 (model 140)
Solaris 2.5.1 11/97
Running NIS+

User complained of network slowdowns / interruptions.

When I do a

netstat -i

shows many Ierrs (input errors).

Here's what I done so far:

Replaced motherboard.
Swapped out the ethernet cable.
Verified the closet connections.
Also moved host to different drop (still get lots of Ierrs).

My guess now is that some other machine is sending bad packets to this host.
What's the best way to determine if this is the case? The only way I can
think of is to rename the host.



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