SUMMARY: New drive for SparcStation10 problems

From: Andreas Holzhammer (
Date: Thu May 06 1999 - 05:34:02 CDT

Apparently it was a problem with the drives termination.

thanks to chad price
          rogerio rocha
          michael j. connolly

The external port was not terminated. Putting a terminator on the
connector fixed the problem. Seems like I'm used to much to PC's
with automagic termination :-(
Looks like the machine previously did only work by chance...



>I have a SparcStation10 which I would like to upgrade with a new
>Currently the machine has two drives, one 1GB in the "drive 0" bay,
>using scsi-id 3, and another 4GB drive in the "drive 1" bay, using
>scsi-id 1. the machine boots from the 1GB drive, and does not use
>the other drive.
>I removed the 5GB drive, but the machine wouldn't come up...
>"can't find drive 3,0"
>I then installed a new drive (ST1480N, 420MB) for the 5GB drive,
>scsi-id 1, termination like the 5GB (on), but the machine still sees
>no drive. "probe-scsi-all" sees the controller, but no attached drives.
>I tried other scsi ids, termination off, but no go. the 480MB drive is
>working well in a PC, so it shouldn't be the drives fault. I tested two
>other drives and had the same problem, with a fourth drive the machine
>could see the drive on ID1, but still didn't recognize the boot drive on
>On the external connector are no devices attached.

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