SUMMARY:Re: E10K,Solaris and Oracle

From: Tze Wong (
Date: Wed May 05 1999 - 04:35:56 CDT

sorry for the late summary,
I asked for suggestion for which Solaris & Oracle
version should be installed in E10k machine
here's what i received,
>From Peter L. Wargo
>1) Solaris 2.6 with Oracle7.3.4 in E10K

We run Sol 2.6 w/Sybase on our E10K - 2.6 HW 5/98 with
lots of patches. 2.6 Runs fine.

>2) Solaris 2.5.1 with Oracle7.3.4 in E10K

No support for big file (>2G).

>3) Solaris 2.7 with Oracle7.3.4 in E10K

As Far as I know (we're a beta site) Solaris 7 isn't
fully E10K ready yet.
>From Johnie Stafford
tw> The choice:
 tw> 1) Solaris 2.6 with Oracle7.3.4 in E10K
 tw> 2) Solaris 2.5.1 with Oracle7.3.4 in E10K
 tw> 3) Solaris 2.7 with Oracle7.3.4 in E10K
 tw> 4) others recommendation

I would go with choice 1, Solaris 2.6. There are
advantages of using 2.6 over 2.5.1. Large file support
for one thing, you have to have Solaris 2.6 if you
want files larger than 2GB, which can be important
for large oracle tablespaces. As far as Solaris 7 is
concerned, I would assume that you would be using
Volume Manager with an E10k, and the version of Volume
Manager that is required for Solaris 7 will not
be released until sometime this summer.

I can say that both configurations 2.51/734 and
2.6/734 are OK with e10k ( I tried them ... )
The only problem is if you want to install 2.5.1 on a
e10k domain which has only a qfe ( Quad Fast Ethernet
) card and the boot net - install runs on this device,
you will have first to upgrade your 2.5.1 boot/install
images by adding the SUNWqfed package. This pack is
not included in the 2.5.1 CD so the domain will not be
able to boot. If you need it, there are 2 valid
1) Add a hme card in your domain, install solaris
2.5.1 from the hme,once the installation is done,
install the SUNWqfed pack and reconfigure the domain
adding the qfe as default net card.
2) Install binaries and create qfe drivers on your
boot image and install your domain ( it will work but
the package will not be able with pkg* commands ).
Once the installation is done, install SUNWqfed on
>From Ray Delaney
While the E10K is a great machine and will do wonder
for you in scalability and performance it is important
to remember that the Solaris Kernel will be different
than the ones you run on your other machines.
The E10K has its own flavor of Solaris that runs on it
so benchmarks and the like while great are probably
irrelevant here.
>From Goldthorp, Jonathan
If you check out Adrian Cockcrofts performance book
there are some hits/tips on things that you can do
with databases to help performance when using UFS,
although you should really use raw partitions ( unless
there are some pressing reasons why - I'm guessing
that your using UFS since you mentioned using
forcedirectio mount option).
For OS I'd go with either 2.6 or 2.7, I wouldn't go
with 2.5.1 for various reasons (just look at the patch
list for Y2K etc).
No decision at our site has been made yet. I am able
to get some documentation from & for some info regarding 64bit vs
32bit (which i think it makes the difference between
the two version).
Thanks all for the reply.

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