summary: NIS/default route/Print Server/Solaris 2.6

From: Metcalf, Robert (
Date: Tue May 04 1999 - 20:50:48 CDT


Thanks to a the respondents, and Andy Kobayashi. Here's the summary.

Q: 1) Does the NIS master machine glom default
Q: route info and pass it along to itself
Q: and it's respondents? If so, from where?

A: No--default route info is grabbed from /etc/defaultrouter
A: on each machine, individually. This info is not
A: propagated by NIS to clients.

Q: 2) If I change the print server (gawd help me)
Q: in the same setup, what do I have to do on
Q: the NIS master to get it updated with the
Q: new info?

A: 1) Get /etc/printers.conf from the new print server
A: to the YP master machine, AND all the clients,
A: indivdually. (Solaris 2.6 assumed here.)
A: 2) Update the NIS maps on the master with the
A: Makefiles from the new print server.

BTW, if you're running HP printers, download the hpnp package from for the print server.

Do a pkgadd with that on the print server, run 'jetadmin',
and you're in business.

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