SUMMARY: disabling NFS v3 on clients

From: Danny Johnson (
Date: Tue May 04 1999 - 12:58:38 CDT

nothing that worked.

original request:

I want to disable nfs v3 on a client repeat CLIENT
not server.

The client in question is a diskless Sparc 2 trying
to get its solaris 2.5.1 O/S from a file server that
claims to support nfs v3 but does it incorrectly,
causing the client to hang solid right after the
SunOS release/Copyright lines are printed. (The file
server is not a Sun; let's not get started on that
discussion.) Of course the proper fix is to just put
a disk in the sparc 2, but the users want me to try
everything else before spending their money on a disk.

Trying "boot net -a" gets past the point where /etc/system
is referenced, and in fact it panics with an nfsdyn
mount3 error message (even though "boot net" just
hangs with no action whatsoever after a certain point).
Since this client can boot diskless from a Sun server,
and other clients have booted from a similar server
that had nfs v3 disabled, and I may not be allowed to
disable nfs v3 on this server, I want to disable the
client from using nfs v3.

Putting vers=2 options in /etc/vfstab won't do any
good because diskless clients apparently ignore such
options for / and /usr filesystems, so the question is,
can I patch the kernel or put a line in /etc/system
that will tell the client that it is not to use nfs v3?

Running the client on solaris 2.6 is an option if that
is what it takes to implement the fix, but I already
know that just switching the client to a solaris 2.6
image on the same server is not sufficient.

the only replies were from Casper Dik:

> From Sun Apr 11 06:21:19 1999
> I'm not sure if this is already supported in Solaris 2.5.1,
> but in newer releases you can specify the "rootopts=:vers=2"
> bootparam.

tried that, generated no errors but I have no way to tell
whether it actually made any difference since the client
still won't boot (FYI it hangs after the second getparam root
call is handled by rpc.bootparamd.)

> Also, you can do "rpcinfo -d 2049 3" on the server and
> see if that makes NFS v3 go away sufficiently.

I had already tried the "rpcinfo -d 2049 3" step that I
forgot to mention, and although rpcinfo -p shows no more
nfs 2049 version 3, my diskless system still has a problem
AND a normal solaris client can still mount disks from the
server in question with vers=3 specified on the mount line.

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