SUMMARY: Solaris ACL tutorial material

From: Sam Nelson (
Date: Tue May 04 1999 - 08:20:21 CDT

Thanks for pointers received. I should, of course, have mentioned that the
specific aspect I'm having trouble with is the area of default ACL entries
for directories, about which I can find precious little out there on the web.
There are articles at SunWorld Online:

that go as far as anyone goes. The particularly knotty part is that the
implementation of default ACL entries, as far as `what happens when a file is
created' is concerned, changed between 2.6 and 7, it seems. On 2.6 and
earlier, the umask is used in determining initial permissions, but on 7 (and,
presumably, later?) it isn't. This is reflected in a change in the last
paragraph of the `DESCRIPTION' entry on the setfacl(1) manual page. Because
I wasn't being too fussy about which box I tested things out on, I was getting
inconsistent results and I couldn't see why. Now that I _know_ they're
_supposed_ to be different, I can go round again...



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