SUMMARY: 2.6 lp outputs /var/spool/lp/tmp - like info

From: David Massey (
Date: Tue May 04 1999 - 06:57:41 CDT

Original posting below.

I only got 1 response, a "me too" from Stephen Lee at St Joseph's University.

To reduce the variables in the question, I redefined the 2.6 machine to be its
own print server. The problem went away on those printers. Hm.....

I only had to do this on HP 5simx and 8000 machines. Several users on laserjet
4 something printers had never seen the problem. Double hm......

Not a clean answer as to why this happens, and my printer setups now look like
spaghetti code, but at least we're functioning. Any further insight would be
greatly appreciated. Would summarize it.

David Massey

> We have an intermittent printing problem on an E4500 running 2.6 patched
> as of about last October.
> Starting about 10:00 each day and running until about 5:00 we get what looks
> like the contents of the /var/spool/lp/tmp files printing instead of the
> file itself. That is, the output looks like:
> C 1
> D <printer>
> F /var/spool/lp/tmp/......
> O flist=' /home/acct/......'
> P 20
> T /home/acct/.........
> t simple
> U app1srv!<usr name>
> s 0000
> v 0
> At its worst 8 of 10 prints requests will output this. Eventually folks will
> get their output.
> Of course, I assume this is some sort of load problem, due to the timing of
> problem. I've search the archives. I'm stumped. It definitely occurs when
> files are sent to a 2.5 print server. Don't know if it happens on printers
> served directly by the E4500.
> I've told the users that they should work different hours - maybe they should
> stay and print on their own time. Didn't get so far with that approach.....

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