SUMMARY: Assorted CDE questions

From: David L. Markowitz (
Date: Mon May 03 1999 - 16:42:15 CDT

Thanks go to:

        Harvey Wamboldt <>
        Jon LaBadie <>

Who were the only folks to respond, but who each had a useful answer for me!

My first question was:
> dtmail:
> I want to automatically have a Reply-To: added to each letter
> without my having to pull down the menu each time. In OW I
> can do this via a "set sendmail=/usr/local/bin/signmail",
> but this doesn't work in dtmail. I have "set additionalfields=
> ' '", but this just fills
> in the field automatically after I manually add it.

> I don't care if it is added visibly in the compose window, or
> after I send it, just so long as I don't have to remember to
> do it myself every time.

Harvey responded with:
> Interestingly enough, I just tried dtmail on the machine I'm on (HP-UX
> 10.20) and it works fine ... without a "Reply-To" since my "From"
> comes out correct. I think I had to modify /etc/mail/ to
> use:

> # who I masquerade as (null for no masquerading)

> in order to remove the hostname from the email addresses. Since
> (according to "AnswerBook2 Solaris Common Desktop Environment:
> Advanced User's and System Administrator's Guide " dtmail uses
> sendmail for email delivery I could see where this could be a problem.
> I also had to modify the to set the domain name:

> Dj$w.$m

> and set delivery to be passed to our smart relay host:

> # who I send unqualified names to (null means deliver locally)

> # "Smart" relay host (may be null)

These changes helped me improve my From address, but now something is
adding an unwanted Reply-To:. Oh well, at least it's okay if I forget to
manually add it now.

My second question was:
> dtterm:
> There are several things I would like to do under CDE in ways similar
> to what I've done under Open Windows for years. Unfortunately, I've
> been unable to figure a few remaining items out:
> I wish to remap certain function keys while in a dtterm window:
> The <Again> function key when pressed should send "!!\n".
> The <F1> key should be mappable as F1, instead of starting
> the Help window. I already have a <Help> key for that.

Jon replied:
> In either /usr/dt/app-config/C/Dtterm, or in $XAPPRESDIR/Dtterm
> (the latter starting as a copy of the former) add the lines:

> *DtTerm*Translations: #override \n\
> Shift <Key>F1: vt-function-key-execute(13, function)\n\
> Shift <Key>F2: vt-function-key-execute(14, function)\n\
> Shift <Key>F3: vt-function-key-execute(15, function)\n\
> Shift <Key>F4: vt-function-key-execute(16, function)\n\
> Shift <Key>F5: vt-function-key-execute(17, function)\n\
> Shift <Key>F6: vt-function-key-execute(18, function)\n\
> Shift <Key>F7: vt-function-key-execute(19, function)\n\
> Shift <Key>F8: vt-function-key-execute(20, function)\n\
> <Key>F1: vt-function-key-execute( 1, function)\n\
> <Key>F11: vt-function-key-execute(11, function)\n\
> <Key>F12: vt-function-key-execute(12, function)

> PS, you need to restart the workspace manager.
> Possibly with no dtterm's running.

This worked great, although you don't need to put the changes there or
restart the wm - I put them in ~/.Xdefaults and ran xrdb to update my
server. Any new dtterms after that worked the way I wanted.

I'd still like to learn how to make the Again key generate !!\n instead.
Where is there doc for any of this stuff?

        David L. Markowitz Director, UNIX Software Litronic Industries

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