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Date: Wed Apr 28 1999 - 12:04:54 CDT

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Original Question:
I had two questions.
1. I am planning to buy a PC for Solaris x/86.
Are there any recommendations, absolute no's regarding parts.
Especially about Onboard AGP video card. Does Solaris support it. I am
looking at one with chipset SIS 6326.

Answer: look at
                If all your parts are not here, you might as well throw your
money in a casino.
                On-board AGP support as per Marc is not there.

2. This is regarding install of Solaris7 on x/86 PC It is a generic PC.
120 MHz.
        Solaris does not autodetect the hardware components. So I did
        scan and it did finish. When it tries to load the drivers it stalls
at the very first drivers
         itself which is com.bef .Does anybody know what this driver is
for( which hardware part) and how
        can I proceed.

            I found out from a Sun Engineer that it could be the serial chip
on the motherboard.
            As of today other that starting with a new motherboard, I don't
have an answer.
            some other resources:


Ameet chaubal

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