SUMMARY: plumbing qfe2

From: Reichert, Alan (
Date: Wed Apr 28 1999 - 09:32:15 CDT

Original question:

> Is there some oddity in getting the plumb to work on a
> QuadEthernet card?
> I have one here on a production box, where qfe2 is not in
> service. I'm
> trying
> to bring this interface up for use without taking the machine out of
> service,
> but
> # ifconfig qfe2 plumb
> just hangs.
> Oddity, or did I miss something? A look through the archives does not
> indicate
> anything out of the ordinary for QuadE cards.

Thanks for the replies from

Steve Gauthier
Stephen Harris
Olivier Giraud
Ray Delaney

After some discussions with Ray and Stephen, some info I had not included in
the original
question is that this machine runs CheckPoint Firewall-1. This S/W
apparently installs
itself in such a manner that the plumb will not work. All other "normal"
items were in place for the O/S. Putting together info from Ray and
Stephen, I shut down
Firewall-1, ran the plum successfully, configured the card with ifconfig,
and brought the
Firewall-1 back up within about 2 minutes, no reboot, and no-one knew the
difference. :-)
Now on to telling the firewall all about it's new interface....

Thanks to all of you.

- Alan

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