SUMMARY: /kernel/drv/sad: undefined symbol fmod_unlock

From: Jeffrey Harper (r22474) (
Date: Thu Apr 29 1999 - 03:23:31 CDT

Thanks to Justin Stringfellow.

I had patched the system when it wasn't properly in single user mode.
I typed 'init s' while in run-level 3, but it seems that rebooting to single user
mode is the only way to guarantee that you are really there.

The recovery involved finding the affected file in the patch, putting it on a tape,
booting into single user mode from CD, mounting the filesystem and replacing the
affected file using the one on the tape.

This worked great and only took about 5 minutes.


"Jeffrey Harper (r22474)" wrote:

> I've just installed the latest set of recommended patches, and the Y2000 patches
> on an Enterprise 1 with Sol2.5.1.
> After the patches installed I rebooted, and now the system won't start.
> The error on the console says :
> /kernel/drv/sad: undefined symbol fmod_unlock
> sad error doing common
> WARNING: Cannot load drv/sad
> Can't load the root filesystem
> Type 'go' to resume
> How can I recover from this without rebuilding the system ??
> Jeff

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