SUMMARY: change font size in Xwindows

From: Law Syn Pui (
Date: Wed Apr 28 1999 - 03:20:13 CDT

This is summary on my question.

Thanks to the
      Harvey Wamboldt <>
      Bevan Broun <>
      who replied.
The answers are .

change the resoluton of the monitor
using command

/usr/sbin/ffbconfig -res 1152x900x76 now

or change the Xresource through the .Xdefaults file

Also you can use editres to edit the Xresources.
This does not works for most applications.


> Hi All,
> I am new to CDE and solaris 2.5.1 . Pardon me for my ignorance.

> With the present high resolution monitors and graphics ,
> many older applications display in Xwindows with very small text fonts
> and I find it very difficult to read .
> In CDE I can change the font size from the control panel
> but it is not effective for most programs. Do you know how to overcome
> this ?

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