SUMMARY : Not enough space

From: Susan KJ Thielen (
Date: Tue Apr 27 1999 - 14:02:03 CDT

The emergency is over....

I added some swap on the fly. The thing that confused me was
that top reported that I still had about 60M of swap left. I added
54M of swap... and now top is reporting that I have 193M free!
This could be because the programmers were in a meeting
mind you.

Should I not be using tmpfs? What pro's and cons are there in
running with this stuff.

Anyway... Thankts for the speedy results.


Original Question

I've got a bit of an emergency here... I've got a problem with
an Ultra 1 running 2.6 and Netscape 3.5.1 with the relevant
patches.. ANd a couple livewire applications. I just started
to get messages like "Not enough space" and "Killed" when
trying to run simple processes like pwd or df -k from a
telnet session.

This machine is a production machine! Help! What can I do
now to figure out what's what... The number of processes
running is the same as usual... nothing wierd, about 145 or

Thanks in advance

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