[SUMMARY] sun 3/60 problems

From: aris@conectiva.com.br
Date: Mon Apr 26 1999 - 14:43:45 CDT

Original message:

> i have a sun 3/60 without disk. i'm trying to make it boot over
>net. i'm using bnc conector and i can see rarp requests and i can see
>my server answer for this request but sun doesn't recognize it. there
>aren't another traffic in the middle time. just it ask again and again.
>it can send rarp packets over net i can think that it auto-recognizes the
>network conector in use. i'm stuck. another thing: when i use extended
>tests in network interfaces it stops and gives me an error and i'm back
>openboot (>) prompt. any help is accepted.
> Thanks,
> Aristeu S.R.F.
> (aris@cg.cepro.cefetpr.br,
> aris@conectiva.com.br)

The problem was that sun 3/60 was jumper-set to use aui. But the problem
is that it send by bnc port rarp requests even in "aui mode". Thanks to
these gurus that spent time answering me:

Herman, Scott R (MED)
Charlie Mengler
Gene Rackow
scott r kulp
Bertrand Hutin

Thanks by the time and patience,
                                                Aristeu S.R.F.

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