SUMMARY - Automount Problem

From: Hall, Johnny (johnny@IMPACT.Xerox.COM)
Date: Fri Apr 23 1999 - 11:31:17 CDT

Thanks to all who responded. I am not sure which fix worked but here
are the two I tried.

>From - Tom Erikson

Added -rw to the end of each line in my auto_master i.e.

/tilde auto_tilde -rw


>From - Fischer Jens

Turn off execute permissions on all automount files.

Also, thanks to Mark Almeida for introducing me to replaceable keys. (I
have to thank him as he is my boss ;)

Original Post -

>Hello Managers,
>> >
>> >I have an interesting problem with the automounter (maybe it's not so
>> >interesting :)
>> >
>> >I have a machine (running 2.6) that is dialing in through ISDN. It is
>> >using local files for automount vs. nis. It worked find until a couple
>> >of days ago. Now when we try to cd to an automounted directory we no
>> >such file or directory however, this is not the case with all
>> >automounted filesystems. I can cd to my home directory which is located
>> >back in the office fine but I can cd to another users home dir that is
>> >on the same machine as mine.
>> >
>> >I have turned on debugging per Info Docs Article 11990 and this is a
>> >sample of the output.
>> >
>> >miami# cd /tilde/bland
>> >t1 LOOKUP REQUEST: Thu Apr 22 12:48:31 1999
>> >t1 name=bland[] map=auto_tilde opts= path=/tilde direct=0
>> >t1 PUSH /etc/auto_tilde
>> >t1 Executable map: map=/etc/auto_tilde key=bland
>> >t1 POP /etc/auto_tilde
>> >t1 LOOKUP REPLY : status=2
>> >/tilde/bland: No such file or directory
>> >
>> >Any help is greatly appreciated.
>> >
>> >TIA and will summarize.
>> >
>> >
>> >Johnny

"All you need is ignorance and confidence; then success is sure." --
Mark Twain

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