SUMMARY: where to get OpenBoot PROM

From: Feng Qiu (
Date: Thu Apr 22 1999 - 14:06:39 CDT

Hello, all,
Thanks to : (James C. McPherson)
Greg Polanski <>

original question:
> Hello, all,
> I wonder if someone can tell me where to get OpenBoot PROM (lateast
> version). Someone said it can be download from Sun website, but I just

> can not find it.
The story behind the question is:
I ordered 300MHz CPU module upgrade for my Ultra2. After received
package, the document inside box said:

Each UltraSPARC-II module upgrade kit contains:
* This book
* UltraSPARC-II module
* UPA terminator module (for 300-MHz uniprocessor system)
* Antistatic wrist strap
* Flash PROM update CD-ROM and programming guide

I don't have the last item in the package. Sure, the new CPU won't work
for old Boot PROM.
I called Sun, they just push me around (every one give me another number
to call). I total got 9 Sun's phone #. Every place will ask you hold
forever, IT IS A PAIN ON THE NECK. Finally someone in the Sunleave the
message on my phone: OpenBoot PROM could be download.
I should ask the question in here first!
Thanks all of you for this wonder list!


from the Unbundled_Recommended_list on sunsolve


        Recommended/Public Patches for Hardware Last update:

103346 Hardware/PROM: Ultra Enterprise 3x00/4x00/5x00/6x00 UNIX
flashprom updat
104169 Hardware/PROM: Ultra 2 Standalone Flash PROM Update
103451 Hardware, 2.1GB Disks: Download program, firmware 0420 for
ST32550 disk
104288 Hardware/PROM: Ultra 1E Standalone Flash PROM Update
104881 Hardware/PROM: Ultra 1 (non-E) Standalone Flash PROM Update
105930 Hardware/PROM: Ultra 30 Standalone Flash PROM Update
106121 Hardware/PROM: Ultra 5/10 Standalone Flash PROM Update
106122 Hardware/PROM: Enterprise 450 / Ultra 450 Standalone Flash PROM
106129 Hardware, 9GB Disks: Download program and firmware 0411 for
106503 Hardware/PROM: Enterprise 250 Standalone Flash PROM Update
106455 Hardware/PROM: Ultra 60 Standalone Flash PROM Update


Seems to be
104798 for 5.4
104796 for 5.5
104795 for 5.5.1
Nothing ( found :-) about 5.6 & 5.7 ... sorry

Sun's OBPs are not available for download - they are proprietary.
for obp are available, but you need to have an obp rev in the series 3.x
know which jumper to set before flashing it.

What did you want to do with the obp anyway?

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